Domicile is a certified "B Corporation"

By obtaining this quality label, Domicile is the first company in Basel and the first company in the "furnished living" sector worldwide to be awarded the B Corp certification.

The B Corp certification is regularly reviewed by an independent body that conducts comprehensive audits in the five areas of corporate governance, employee policies, customer relations, social acceptance and the environment. Certified B Corporations stand for business success by operating sustainably and providing valuable services in the above-mentioned areas. 

Our Values 

They are our guidebook and represent the heart of our corporate culture. They explain who we are, what we stand for and what we do.


Quality of Life

We place great value on recognition within the company and on a high quality of life for our customers and employees. Within the company, we achieve this through flexible working hours and transparent communication channels, and by the rapid, precise and trustworthy processing of service requests from our customers.


Equal Opportunities

Domicile offers a familiar and respectful working environment as well as a lively and open corporate culture through its diverse workforce. Domicile promotes equal opportunities for its employees and clients, regardless of gender, age, origin or other individual characteristics.


Good Design

We offer our customers a good design at a fair price. We want to convince them with our services, which we are constantly developing. We are always seeking valuable feedback and are curious about new ideas.


Environmental protection

A meaningful interaction of economic and ecological factors is at the forefront of Domicile, which is why we use resource-saving solutions wherever possible. This includes environmentally friendly cleaning agents, solar energy, well-insulated buildings, using public transport and bicycles.


Social Responsibility

We support our local environment as much as possible by being committed to our employees, using fair trade products and taking social organizations into account. At least 50% of our efforts are with independent, local suppliers and we are constantly striving to increase this.