Furnished apartments

We provide business people working abroad with a home and the services needed to feel comfortable in Basel. Our more than 100 furnished apartments include everything you need, except your suitcase.

All our buildings are in good, central locations.

Unfurnished apartments

We can also offer you attractive, unfurnished apartments.

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Corporate Contracts

With long accumulated experience working both inside and externally with Corporate HR, we understand the high direct and indirect costs of relocating an employee, and the financial impact of its success or otherwise on the business.
We work with all major companies and relocation agencies in our area. Since the needs of corporate companies vary, we provide tailored corporate services, ranging from single apartments to the management of a complete portfolio. Our experience helps to ensure that global transfers are successful and that the employees stay for as long as the job requires.

We work with short notice periods, which offer you the greatest possible flexibility.

Homeowners and investors

We are always looking for interesting (multi-family) houses and apartments to include in our portfolio of furnished apartments.

Your benefit:

Regular cleaning by our own staff, means that possible problems or damage to the building are quickly detected and eliminated, and your building will remain in excellent condition.


We are happy to take over the administration of your entire property for you.

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